SKILLS FOR TEACHERS website is based on the results of the “Strengthening teachers competences for the education of refugee students” strategic partnership project. The project aimed at introducing the teachers to successful and good international practices regarding the education of refugee students and to put these practices into effect by using the implementation guidelines developed by the consortium members.

PARTNER COUNTRIES: Germany, Hungary, Turkey

The presented materials on this website are designed by teachers and youth workers who participated in the project. These intellectual outputs are with no copyright and created without a licence. The content of the guideline can be freely used and modified.

Our project’s aim is to strengthen teacher competencies and to provide better education for refugee students

It was our ultimate goal to prepare Teacher Implementation Guidelines that provide concrete suggestions for the education of refugee students and to provide concrete suggestions for solving the problems experienced by teachers, and to implement the successful practices of other partners in each partner organisation by taking these teacher’s guides as reference.

Project reference number: 2018-1-TR01-KA201-059671

The target of the project

Strengthening of the educational process for refugee students in a sustainable way can only be achieved through teachers. For this reason, our target group is teachers and educators

Project partners

  • Karacabey District National Education Directorate 🇹🇷
  • Ömer Matlı Primary School 🇹🇷
  • Murat Hüdavendigar Primary School 🇹🇷
  • Berufskolleg Ostvest 🇩🇪
  • Institute for Cultural Relations Policy 🇭🇺