Karacabey District NED

Karacabey District Directorate of National Education serves 14,700 students in 65 schools and 548 classrooms with 1,000 teachers. For our district, 164 Syrian refugee students receive education.

Multiple intelligence theory in schools in our district where our ministry is working on the last reason and went to various legislations and curriculum options in its field. Especially in the FATİH project, the physical advantages brought by industrial technologies in our school are used to create student-centred educational environments. Educational environments for TEOG and university entrance success in our district to be productive members of the information society, equipped with the equipment required by the age. In this relationship, our in-service training activities for our teachers and our corporate identity development initiatives for school administrators continue rapidly.

There are currently 164 Syrian refugee students in our district. We want to strengthen education and training services for this training. It goes through strengthening the competencies of our teachers.

Karacabey District National Education Directorate is an authority which is responsible for education issues in Karacabey region. The organisation provides training for young people and teachers.

Karacabey District Directorate of National Education is also active in internation cooperation. The directorate provides training for young people and teachers in different topics, for supporting their development, for acquiring new competences and abilities which will be useful for their future career and which they cannot learn in school programmes. The directorate plans seminars, writes and implements national and international projects. Currently As a research and development specialist, the organisation gives guidance to teachers in Karacabey about their ongoing Erasmus+ projects.

Website: https://karacabey.meb.gov.tr