Berufskolleg Ostvest

The name Ostvest refers to the region of the three former mining cities Datteln, Oer-Erkenschwick and Waltrop in the municipal district of Recklinghausen which is situated between the northern borders of the industrial Ruhrgebiet and the south of the more rural Münsterland. Ostvest is also the name of our vocational college, which is rooted in the historical and geographical realities of its region. The school is located in Datteln where four of Germany’s major waterways meet in the biggest intersection of canals in Europe.

Our students traditionally come from the three cities but today the school draws learners from all over the Ruhrgebiet, southern parts of the Münsterland and even from the Niederrhein region. Due to its industrial history the area has attracted immigrants from all over the world. There are for instance Turkish, Hungarian, Bulgarian, Russian or Kazakh communities.

At our school we teach a lot of students with different immigrational backgrounds. Our college offers different courses in the fields of technical and business studies.

2000 students are given the possibility to be educated in electrical engineering, information and telecommunication technology, business and administration, automotive and metal engineering, all under one roof. A focal point of our school is on the dual sector of German secondary education. Another core area is the qualification for German higher education. We offer courses that lead either to the Fachhochschulreife (technical college entrance qualification) or the Abitur (general qualification for university entrance). With both diplomas we transfer basic professional skills in the fields of either technology or business and administration. In courses usually lasting a year we offer the chance for students without a graduation or a training relationship to prepare for a basic school leaving certificate.